Tips and Tricks

1. Using the ‘%’ wildcard when searching
The ‘%’ character is a useful tool in InPlace when searching for an Agency, Student or Staff Member. An example of this is to produce a list of all hospitals in the system by typing ‘%hospital%.

The ‘%’ character can be used throughout the search fields in InPlace to find a value anywhere within a name, but you can also search for a value at the start of name without using wildcards.

For example, if you type ‘BHP’ you get the following result:

2. Do you need to create a report?

Please refer to the Report Creation QRF user guide to assist you.

3. Did you know you can do the following tasks in bulk?

– Bulk Enrol
– Update in bulk
– Student placement end dates
– Placement results
– Placement status
– Add a document in bulk
– Bulk student notification

For detailed instructions, please refer to the Processing in Bulk QRG

4. Home Screen Widgets

The following widgets on the home screen can be useful for keeping on top of your administration work.

Global Filters

If you have more than one discipline, you can use the global filters to filter out those that you wish to look at.

New Student

The New Student widget shows you any new students who have joined a WIL Activated Course. This can be useful if you need to allocate them a placement or if you need to contact them to notify them of their WIL duties etc.

Self Placement Submissions

The “Self Placement Submissions” dialog helps you find self-placements that have been submitted and now currently sitting on pending or incomplete. From this widget you can see how many placements are in the pending and incomplete stage. By clicking on the hyperlink it will take you directly to the self-placement for review.

Incomplete Placement

All placements have an end date, after that end date the placement’s status should be converted over to completed. The “Incomplete Placement” widget helps you find all those placements that have past their end date and have not been completed.

Any offers that have passed their end dates should either be declared withdrawn or removed from the system.