Placement Status Guide

Here is a list of how to use the Placement Status drop-down menu in InPlace. Placement Status is an important source of data for WIL activities, so please ensure that the correct status is assigned and updated as required.

Offer: The agency has agreed to host a student, however the student may not have been allocated yet.
Completed: The placement has finished.
Confirmed: The student has been locked-in for this placement but it has not occured yet.

Rejected: Indicates that a placement has been cut short or cancelled as a result of COVID-19. Use if you need to keep a record of which student was assigned.
Planned: Placement has been put on hold until the COVID-19 pandemic is stablised.
Withdrawn by Agency: The placement provider has cancelled placement because of COVID-19. Only use if you do not need a record of which student was assigned, as they are removed when this status is set.

Withdrawn by Student: The student has had a change of mind or is not able to attend.
Nominated: Used for Self Selectable placements only. This means the student has nominated their preferred placement time or location.